NAS Glynco

This photo shows the main hanger for NAS Glynco and the control tower and OPS building just off to the right.

The control tower and OPS building as it appeared in 1970 and below that, as it appeared in 2003. The tower was demolished in 2005 to make way for a new passenger terminal building for what's now known as Brunswick Golden Isles Airport.

(2003 photo: Christopher Ness)


Terry Ginn said...

I was a T-33 plane captain and later transit crew leader March 1969 to Nov. 1970. I lived on Jekyll with my new bride( still married) and worked part time at the Phillips 66 gas station on the Island. Best memories was flying backseat in the Shooting Star. Great duty.

Anonymous said...

Was a dependent on that base '60 to '71. It's were I learned what Toyland was and went to Altama elementary school which the Navy built and insisted be integrated : ). Lived on St. Simons a couple years in the middle of that period. Was a good place and time to be a kid.

kwarner said...

I attended the Air traffic Control "A" School Jan - Apr 1973